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About the Charity


East Grinstead Sports Club Limited is a registered charity which owns and provides excellent facilities for the sporting community of East Grinstead and its environs.

It has had great success in raising funds for new facilities and the sports clubs based at EGSC have had, and continue to have, great sporting participation and achievements. The Charity has outsourced the management of the facilities to Freedom Leisure

Our purpose

  • To provide sport, recreation and fitness facilities for East Grinstead and neighbouring communities
  • To educate, encourage, coach and train all ages to participate in sport. recreation and fitness activities
  • To raise funds to sustain and improve the facilities and participation in sport, recreation and fitness activities
  • To manage the contract for the operation of the site.

Our members

The directors of EGSC Limited run the Charity as Trustees on behalf of its Members. The Trustees are elected by members at an annual AGM. Members are invited to join from affiliated sports clubs based at EGSC. Membership provides benefits to both sports clubs and the individuals.




History of the Charity

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